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Doubt is my enemy.

Glares as we enter the arena.

His sick, twisted grimace is smugly smushed against a 

Charicatured nose.

Slits for eyes but they laugh

Assured of their victory.

He's black; body, mind, and soul.

Cracks of bone as we stretch

Drips of sweat.

Think Gladiator.

Think Underdog.

Boxer championship.

Think classic struggle

But add primal, physical manifestation.

I'm outnumbered.

Even as Doubt approaches, Hesitation pins me down.

Thought flits, distracting.

Too many.

My punch lands that disgusting, malformed, reeking face!

Instead of felling, as enemy should,

That creature dissipated. Disappeared.

Left me without perverse pleasure

Of the last, demeaning victory hit.

In his place,

That damned, self-righteous, demon-man,

A mirror.

Created: Mar 04, 2011


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