I Wish I May - Chapter One

By GiN825

This is a draft of a story idea I had floating around my head for the last few days. It's the first chapter so I'm still developing the story and characters but give it a shot pretty please!

I’ve seen a lot of life over the years. I’ve seen lots of life that I often question the meaning of. I met quite a few people in my day as well. But none struck my heartstrings the way that 112340 did. That was her official number in my records but to everyone else she was simply Maybelle. Maybelle was sixteen years old when her thoughts found me. She was sitting in a diner a few blocks from her home, surrounded by friends and admirers. Maybelle was to say the least the extreme of popular. She made top grades at school, her parents were the executives of some big fancy corporation downtown and so they were wealthy and very able to afford a prestigious private school to send Maybelle to. In a word Maybelle’s life could be described as promising, or prosperous. But something was wrong in this pretty little picture. As Maybelle made it very well known, to me at least. And so I found myself walking into the very same diner that night. I perched myself lightly atop a stool by the counter and watched. It didn’t take Maybelle very long to spot me, maybe three minutes. But she didn’t make a move. She stayed sitting with her adoring friends, laughing lightly at their words and pretty much pretending to pay attention to them all. It was a little while later that they began to leave. She got up hesitantly, picking up her jacket and saying her goodbyes, but she followed behind slowly, deliberately, as if she knew that I’d come to see her and was awaiting the exchange.

“Hello, Maybelle.” I said to her quietly as she stepped out into the parking lot. She just continued on walking, staring straight ahead as she answered.

“You know my name.” It wasn’t a question.

“I do, yes. My boss informed me before I arrived at the diner.” Still she walked, slowing down a bit in thought.

“Who are you?”

“Well, Maybelle that’s actually a difficult question for me answer right now, seeing as we just met.” She stopped walking at this and turned to look at me. She had strength beyond her years. It shone through the way she stood, her posture, even the set of her facial expressions.

“Excuse me?”

“Let’s make this a little more straightforward shall we? I am the one you speak to when you’re desperately alone. I am the one that answers your calls for help, I am-“

“This is good, you’re really quite the actress.” I paused for a moment. This was always the hardest part of my relationship to my clients. Getting them to believe.

“I beg your pardon Dear?”

“You’re good, you’re really good at this, and you’re almost believable. Who put you up to this?” I smiled kindly at her words and shook my head.

“Nobody put me up to this Maybelle, except yourself. It was you that had a wish this evening was it not?” Her mouth opened with a light pop. This was indeed very tiring, but I had a feeling she would believe me faster than the others.

“Who… are you, really?”

“Again, I have no name for myself. I am simply who you want me to be. It is you with all the wishes, and it is I with all the answers to your wishes, so please call me what you like.” Her brows furrowed together in deep confusion. ‘Come on, Maybelle, believe already’

“What are you? Like my fairy Godmother or something?” She snorted at this and started walking again but not in the direction of home.

“If that’s what you’d like to refer to me as, then yes I can be your fairy Godmother… without the wings though. I don’t fly. I’m also without a wand. We carry out the wishes of our clients in the mind. It’s a purely mental process I assure you.”

“Mental? Really, I couldn’t have guessed that from anything that you’ve said.” She was close to hysterics now. I sighed, it was proof time. One blink and everything changed. I took her to a meadow somewhere in the country, sun shining bright and a warm breeze floating by with the fragrance of summer flowers. It was indeed a very beautiful Earthly picture. I looked up at Maybelle from across the meadow. Her eyes were wide and staring in disbelief, her breathing was heavy and panicky.

“Is this proof enough for you, Maybelle? Or do I need to pull a little more magic out of the bag?” I heard her take a gulp of air and release it through her teeth. She stomped the distance between us, eyes still wide and quite scared.

“How… how did you do that?!”

“I told you already, it’s in the mind. Do you like what you see?” She looked around more at her surroundings but was still very tense.

“I’m, uh not exactly sure what I’m looking at. Where are we?”

“I’m not exact with the coordinates, but we’re somewhere in England.”

“I see. Is this all you can do? I mean, just take me places? So like you’re an extreme traveler or something?” Again, I smiled at this.

“Not exactly, Maybelle. See, you had a wish tonight. It was a desperate wish of a very unhappy person. I’m the one that changes all that. I’ve come to grant your wish and see to it that all works out for you.” There was a long pause after this.

“You. Grant. Wishes?” she laughed lightly. “Oh I see, yes it all makes sense to me now. That’s right, how silly of me to think that my wish wouldn’t actually be fulfilled. I must have lost my mind.”

“I know how unlikely it sounds but I assure, it’s my job.”

“I see, and how exactly do you plan on granting this wish of mine?”

“Well, you wished to find what was missing in your life right? I’m here to give you alternatives to what you have now. And at the end of it all you make a selection based on what you’ve discovered throughout our journey together.”

“This is actually for real? I mean like, I’m really getting my wish?” I smiled.

“Yes, Maybelle, you are really getting your wish.” She looked down in thought for a few minutes before suddenly looking up with bright eyes.

“Let’s get started shall we?”

I Wish I May - Chapter One

Created: Jan 25, 2010


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