Break Ups: Hard but you get over it.

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Hello hello.

You really don’t know.

How much it hurt when you let me go.

You never realized, so I’m cutting the ties, and now I’m in control.


Good day good day.

It’s hard to say

I see you walk past and I shy away.

My heart might break and I might cry but eventually I will say good-bye.


The past The Past.

Why didn’t it last?

My heart is shattered like a bone in a cast.

The flesh holds it there but I feel it tears every time that I look back.


So Cheers, cheers.

You’ve made it though,

You’ve let me go, as I cling to you.

As the violins play and you walk away, my heart doesn’t move.


Good-bye Good-bye.

You’ve made it a ride.

A ride to which I have survived.

It’s all in the wrist of falling in love, and you’ve made it hard but I’ve overcome.


Hello hello.

I see you there.

I remember our times but I hardly care

I’d love to catch up and hear about you, but for now I’m alright and I hope you are too.


Created: Feb 28, 2011


StephaniePaige Document Media