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What kind of a B-movie from the 70s would it be without horrible formatting and commercials? 

SO, the producer walks in and tells the editor, "Hey, buddy, we won't be able to show that film tonight - you know, the one you've been formatting for the last week - we'll have to go with the other one."  And you, the editor, realize there's only 1 hour until air time, and the film is STILL IN THE CAN!!!  AND IT's STILL in 35mm Format - not ready for air.  SO, this would most likely be the result.


The original film for this has FANTASTIC camera work!!!  Please don't miss it. 


What I did here was to apply horrible format editing (as peewee herman would say, "I meant to do that!" - except I really did mean to do that) to more closely simulate what an actual late night b-movie might look like - I even threw in the TV to make my point.


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Created: Feb 27, 2011


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