anywhere but here.

By emilyxjames

this is the medium. i am tired of distorted voices through phones. i am tired of smokey, dimly lit faces. i am tired of shady motherfuckers. i am tired of agendas. i am tired of affairs during "rocky" relationships. i am tired of people not owning up to their shit. i am tired of cop-outs.

i am laying low. i have no desire to see anyone, except for a couple of people here and there. a cold beer, driving with the windows down and old school music up, half a pack of smokes and i'm good to go. nothing fancy. everything familiar.

i am increasingly anti-social. tonight i'll stay in and read and write and paint. i've taken two showers and there is still golden paint on my arm. i like that.

also, i'm slowly going deaf in my right ear.

you'll probably call and i won't answer. you'll probably write and i won't reply.

it's nothing personal, but you'll still take it that way.

i just want nothing to do with anything. right now.

anywhere but here.

Created: Jan 25, 2010


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