One Day

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It was a quiet day. The kind that doesn’t make you think, or worry, or sigh, but only because you can, because why shouldn’t be able to? It was a fall morning, and everything was brilliant color, with rays of the dying summer’s sun, and the soft breath of far off chill. It was something that I couldn’t describe, but I did. I felt all of it, it collided within me, like the waves that come and fill me. It was one of those days.

He kissed me, didn’t I tell you, no cause it’s a secret, and what’s a secret without the fun of mystery? It should have been this way, all along. So much time, just another day, passes making years before I knew it. It was a nice day, a day when I sighed with the purpose of knowing it was alright.

I cried so many times, those were hard days when I didn’t know what I wanted; when the world seemed to think I should want something else because it was taken from me. Yeah, those days, we should all have them.  Can’t have pleasure, if you can’t have pain. What a day, so many things, so many words, so much expression, devotion, passion. Days in endless cycle, before what I always knew I could have is here.

Simple days, when my head was clearer, my heart was somewhere, where somewhere was nowhere because I resided within it. Because I resigned to it, oh simple days when I accepted what I got and never thought what I really wanted. Simple days, those days come back, but I’m back now and my heart is here.

My heart is here.

And I wonder about tomorrow, because today is a mystery, and the sun will come back and it will bring summer, it’ll bring the days of everlasting ease. When the rain will fall, and the snow blows, I’m safe and dry, and loved, I’m loved. I’m taken in, and my breath comes out in a sigh, a smile. Oh what a day it is, it was; it will be. I’m smitten, what a thing a day can do, what a thing time can do, can change, can make better, can make you realize.

It was a day, the day of all days, of all nights, of all dreams, encapsulated in one fragment, one piece to fill the everlasting puzzle.

Created: Feb 25, 2011


Rochelle Boucher Document Media