HitRecord New Deal Manifesto Poetic Remix

By Major Thom

I wanted to do something manifesto-esque and also poetic... Some of these versus are written by me and some of them I took phrases I really liked from Joe's New Deal Teafaerie's Manifesto and Tori's Record is a method of repetition. I envision a remix of this where I sample other people's voices for some of the lines and also pictures of The Prop * trials and Petey's challenge during the verse about global solutions. Audio and video coming soon. Again by heart~

Are we recording? Hit Record,
Behold creative smörgåsbord,

A Record is a method of repitition,
Recycling passion for mass erudition,

The rules of production and distribution have changed,
And we have adapted to see our fate rearranged,

A wave has been born of vast collaboration,
Inspiring the earth with cross pollination,

We share our art with childlike alacrity,
A bold example of true reciprocity,

For those who are too timid to impart their gift,
We applaud their growth, we hit the heart and uplift,

Open communication is at the heart of human progress,
Inviting the pure truths of us all to break free and coalesce,

Media used to be a monologue but it's becoming a dialogue,
We listen, we learn, we record, we remix, we laugh, we leapfrog,

Our limber approach runs flush with evolution,
Providing a canvas for global solutions,

HitRecord is an unprecedented opportunity,
To show the world the beauty born of bright boundless unity,

HitRecord will become the catalyst of a new age of art,
Being the change we all want to see in the world... again by heart.

HitRecord New Deal Manifesto Poetic Remix

Created: Jan 25, 2010


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