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A poem about Nicki C.

You were faster than the speed of light
but death still caught up with you;
racing towards life and your blue eyes
challenging it.

Your wrists were so delicate, I do
not know how they contained all
that blood, nor how they held up
when all else was broken.

You carried the whole world in your heart
and in your head. One part taught
you to talk, the other to listen.
This section by the tollbooth

learned love, the ones embedded in your hair
giggled at crushes. This hidden nook that
has become the pavement is what made
you wear that black jacket

and steal the keys, made you feel beautiful
and free. And so on and so on.
Wicked girl. We never even got to know you
and of all the pieces

that are lying on the October concrete, only
the negative specs are known. What made
you smile like that, your eyes flashing
with a secret.

I pray for you to tell me,
but a photograph doesn’t answer
but a nail biter you were, your
nail beds were

the hieroglyphics to all that you were
and all that you wanted to be,
and are still growing to be; alas,
the secret I’m looking for

but those crisps are becoming longer than your
life because your teenage fangs can no longer
tear them out. Such a tragedy

it is, your brains
all over the California highway
everything you held inside is all out
for the world to see

but like a notebook scribbled with shadows
darkly, thinking my God girl
couldn’t you have kept this in your head
just a little bit longer?

Created: Feb 25, 2011


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