white noise

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get up and
go faster and
get out and
go farther and
get over
get over but
don't get back
relate debate deflate
incinerate vindicate
subjugate always
late fornicate
now you hate 
to be or not to
be alarmed
be charmed
be disarmed
busy be's buzzing
as you please (don'tgo)
(don't go)
you are over 
and i am under
assault, all your fault,
you see (calamity
integrity caca[phony]
of alacrity) "but in 
all honesty, you'll
never see
never be
much to me," so
shake down
shake off
shake up
wake up
eyes of glass decay
hunted gait
commiserate can't
from the fray(ing
at the) seems like
yesterday you told me
"yes", told me
lies lies can't
disguise the glimmering
of eyes
remarkable unmarkable
in dark able to hear
the tell-tale
tall-tale (i'll fail)
heart (thrum hum
steady drum)beats
inside the bone
all alone
can't go home
to where the shame is
stumble fumble falter crumble
damned to do and
damned to be (but 
never not) kind
rewind you'll find
the answer is the
key (is the need)
is me.

Created: Feb 24, 2011


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