Thoughts on Joining hitREcord

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Holy, holy, sacred stuff!

What have I gotten myself into. I’m kinda scared I’ll ditch after a few days ‘cause of school and stuff.

I go to a boarding school and it’s kinda prestigious or something. I’m not bragging it gets on these lists, and us students are like “so what else is new”

I didn’t intend to write that.

That’s good! Yeah. “I didn’t intend to write that” I hope it’s put to good use!

Now I feel like I’m bragging.

But there’s a lot of cool stuff here. Videos and poetry and music. I love music. I can hear my sister’s music. She has pretty similar taste to me, except I like movie scores and she doesn’t hate them, but they aren’t on her ipod either.

I’m on break from my boarding school so I’m at home listening to my sister’s music.

I really, really, really, hope I don’t abandon this site because like I said there’s a lot of cool stuff here and so some of the people must be cool.

Confession time! I want to get noticed, because I’m a bit vain. Admitting that, I dunno. It’s a fact, but I don’t like it. Kind of like…. I was going to say gravity but I think I like gravity on second thought. I mean, If gravity was to stop we’d go flying into space and the lack of pressure would make us explode!

Once in chemistry class, we held a discussion on which super heroes would be able to survive in space. Wolverine, Superman and the Invisible Woman. I should have specified survived without a space suit.

I don’t know if I should post this ‘cause it’s kind of messy. It’s all tangent-y and full of typos and the fact that I can’t spell. And my grammar makes my English teachers weep.

Ah what the hell! I’m a n00b! whenever I join a site for the first couple of posts I’m not really noticed. So, it’s not like Joseph Gordon Levitt is gonna see it.

I feel embareesed for typing that. I guess we can add vapid to my list of faults.  ‘cause in the heart of the bit of me that I don’t really like, I want him to notice.

I nearly typed vaults instead of faults.

I just realized how much I hated on my self while writing this. A Bragging, vain, bad grammer, vapid n00b.

There are positive things to me. I’m nice to people, Well I try to be.

There’s  something praiseworthy in that, right?


I just sighed.

I guess I’ll make the little red lines on my Word document go away so the rant is comprehensible and post this. 

I'm nervous about posting this. Some of what I wrote is pretty raw. Maybe this isn't a good idea. Okay. I have to post this. If I don't will I be able to buck up the courage to post other stuff? 

I'm going to press the red button. 


Created: Feb 23, 2011


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