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with each and every diatribe I try to find what’s on my mind before exploring deep inside my surface doesn’t coincide with purpose that resides within I need to speak and try to win the hearts of those that cry within because I was once one of them I’ll seek and reach those dying men I’ll squeeze them and I’ll pry them to release them from the Lion’s Den who is to blame for mortal sin this story’s not His story when there is no line defining when the end of God and man begins I know it’s odd but let it spin around your head and deep within into your Soul now let it roll off of your tongue around the sun back and forth how it’s begun so step away from darkness come on and let me spark this I am a starving artist who’s not thriving in the markets but I do have the advantage that I’m striving where my heart is I do know that I’ll manage from the wisdom that’s imparted I know I’ll show just how profound my loose-leaf to this art is beauty fades and people age we’re all performers on a stage the curtains close they throw a rose he writes another play another birth another character so what’s my motivation will I finally find the patience to deal with situations that I perceive as obstacles this time I play my part no my vision won’t be optical this Third Eye is not optional for seeing with a set of eyes no bigger than hair follicles is looking to the heavens wearing nothing but a monocle this is why I’m shedding my connection to the physical expressions can’t reveal the tale but these eternal lyrics will we’re sentient beings who are pretending to be nothing more than organisms but there’s more than what we’re seeing I’d ignore those pesky visions but they’d never go away I will explore them’s my decision and I’ll see where I can stray when I’m bouncing off the elements I can never seem to win this is why I go within which is where I’ve always been when I have only talked to Him but know that on my journey back I’ll carry what I can I will inscribe it with my pen and then describe all that I can but I am just a vessel well equipped with two utensils for me it is a pencil complemented by a stencil it was Poetry By Numbers that awoke me from my slumber now it’s flowing through like lightning does to storming clouds of thunder it’s going through a cycle makes me stop to think and wonder how I never prayed with rosaries yet I felt that I was chosen to help melt what has been frozen then evaporate the ocean with nothing more than words we’ll fabricate a crazy potion to destroy collective emphasis on everything material transcend the physical and then ascend into ethereal dimensions I must mention with unlimited potential the ultimate Imperial the Mother of invention dimensions I must mention with unlimited potential the ultimate Imperial the Mother of invention

Created: Feb 23, 2011


Robbie_Ski Audio Media