Making A Comeback!

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Oh, hello there! mind if i re-introduce myself?  I’m Lauren, I’m studying holistic health and i don’t let my anxiety get in the way of anything, did i mention i’m supergirl? My discovery of the awe-some powers in me helped me to recommit to acting, despite living in an area where the only auditions are for amateur webcam models (yeah, because that’s subtle.). No matter the obstacle, i will tackle it down and force it to make me a sammich, and no, there ain’t no mountain high enough to keep me from gettin to you babe (i’m talking to you broadway!) The metaphorical document has been signed, today is my IndepenDANCE Day, i will salsa my way to the top of new york’s taco and if anyone tries to tell me to be practical i will scream NO! because i’ve decided that who i am is an actress and i’ve chosen to believe that i can do what i’ve set out to do. Instead of whining about the raining on my parade, you will catch me singin and dancin in the rain <3!

TRY AND STOP ME, i will go all hulk on your patootie!


****i wrote this today after making a clear and thought out decision, i will NEVER settle for less than what i want and who i am. A while ago i gave up acting because of gigantic anxiety issues (i was jonah, anxiety was the whale.) and because my parents in no way believed it was possible to live that lifestyle and be successful, guilted me (as catholics tend to do) onto a more realistic path. but i refuse your crazy path that apparently makes a lot of sense, you live but once! and damnit, i'll live!


Created: Feb 22, 2011


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