Sweet Swan

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Sweet swan,

With wings of a thousand pearls

Strewn together by silver string like

Moon rays,

Blue and perfect upon

My face staring up

At you.


Sweet swan,

I hear you sing through the

Night, weaving chords between the stars,

Around the moon

Blue and perfect,

Oh how you sing.


I cry,

Sweet swan,

When I hear your voice,

For I know that no matter how much I

Love you,

I can never


Have you.


My heart,

Sweet swan,

Dies every



For you, for your song,

Only to be reborn in the morning,

Only to love you through the afternoon,

Only to sadden by dusk,

Only to die beneath the kaleidoscope moon.


You may, sweet swan,

Go out and live a life

Filled with summer love,

Afternoon delights;


You may, sweet swan,

Never know my pain,

My ache, the stains my

Tears cause by coursing down my

Raw, raw heart;


Or you may, sweet swan,

With feathers like petals of night jasmine,

With your blue and perfect sound,

Know deep down

Who really loves you.

Created: Feb 22, 2011


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