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This idea doesn't include the caste system, but I feel that it could still work. It's not fully thought out yet and I don't really have time to write it all out so I thought I'd just post it here.

So there's a little girl (or boy) and she is with her parents at night while they are driving to some location. There's an accident and her parents are killed. She can either be also dying or just injured. Suddenly the shadow beings appear and heal her/take her in. At first they appear as shadows but then tansfrom into normal people. It can either at this point skip ahead years later or just show quick scenes of her childhood. It eventually gets to the point though where she is a young adult.
She has been living with these people (in reality, shadows) most of her life in a small village. They only go out at night and she is taught to avoid the sun. She begins to yearn to see the daylight and starts to notice odd happenings with her caretakers. After a while she notices they are in fact shadows and it was as a child through innocent eyes that she saw them as humans.
And yeah haven't thought of anything else.

Created: Feb 22, 2011


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