Laughter Is The Best Medicine :D

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Hello dear hitRECorders,
Do you ever feel down and like there's no one else around?
Well we've got a brilliant idea to turn that frown upside down!
Did you know that laughter has many physical, mental and social benefits??!!
It can boost your immunity, prevents heart disease, eases anxiety and fear, strengthens relationships, AND MANY MORE...
We are kindly asking you to collaborate with us on this FUNNY project, haha.
Please record a clip of your laughter or someone else's. Our aim is to make a finalized video with the best laughter clips we receive so that when people are feeling blue they can watch or listen to this laughter video, and feel a sudden boost of happiness.
So all of you out there who have gotten complaints from people that your laugh is too booming or outrageous, it is now your time to shine!
hit RECord and join this collaboration. 
It'll be a hilarious experience ;)

Created: Feb 21, 2011


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