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Do I smell funny?

By shannapie

I wonder if I'll get paid enough.....

I wonder if they'll take the car at 31 days or 32.....

Do I even need a car?  I like the bus.

I lost my jacket on the bus once; I wonder if anyone is wearing it.  My jacket was warm.  My jacket was my best friend. We used to sit for hours at so many bus stops together. I miss my jacket.

Why do people smell funny on the bus? Does that mean I smell funny?

I used to get rained on a lot waiting for the bus.  Cars going by always splash you. I wonder if the funny smell is water drying from your skin or...

I want some chips, cheese, and sour cream.  I'll have to go microwave it.

The floor is too cold.  I should've paid the gas bill.

I hate the bus.  You never new if the seats were going to be wet or not. 

Do I have enough money to buy a new jacket?  Going to need a new jacket  in maybe, 31 days?

This winter is not to cold, I probably don't need a new jacket.  

Is that a bed bug?  I hate bugs.  I need a new apartment or maybe bug spray.  

I should work more hours.  But then I get too tired to think straight.  Poverty is misery.  Is that what you smell on the bus?  Maybe, but still probably just wet buts.

I'm hungry. Wish I could buy a burger.

I wonder if I'll get paid enough..... 

Do I smell funny?

Created: Dec 13, 2017


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