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Back when HitRECord was in the throes of becoming a production company, late 2009, I was so anxious about how that was going to work and how it would change my attitude to making RECords. had appeared in my life in Spring 2007 at a creative low point and it was a huge influence in getting me back into using my imagination, inspiring me to stop feeling sorry for myself and to turn my ideas into something tangible. Throwing money into the mix was potentially a real game-changer for me.


I was the kind of kid who counted the loose change in my money box three times a day, and would save and save for a rainy day that never came. My dad always taught me the value of money, but he also tried to teach me of the importance of money. Even now, he still does the dad thing of asking me if I've started a pension and whether I'm investing, how long before I climb the corporate ladder and when will I buy him that Porsche. (It's going to be a really really long time, Dad.) Money has always been a straightforward way of measuring success and it's definitely a hard measurement to turn your back on. I've been striving to unlearn that wealth is an important goal but it's difficult in a world where celebrities are famous merely for being seen and being rich, and that everything, even a good reputation, can be purchased as long as you have the right kind of money and you're not afraid to use it.


So, when you spend your days working your fingers to the bone to make ends meet and then you come home to make the art you love for free, it's so difficult to not be tempted to cut corners & start making "art" for money at the expense of your integrity. One of my biggest fears was that I would start trying to produce RECords that were squeaky clean, which fitted the brief like model RECords, RECords that held nothing of me in them, but sang and danced like performing monkeys.


And, yes, there have been a few times this year where I've had to have words with myself, asking "who are you making this for?" or "is this a true reflection of yourself?" but I watched Joe sign those cheques with such a sense of pride. I know that my personal artistic beliefs have been upheld. I know that with everything I've created, REmixed and added to the site this year, I have strived to be a better artist and a better person.


And as a collective, as a company, we can also stand, hand on heart, and say we have our integrity firmly intact.


So, to the other 128 recipients of those cheques, and to the countless thousands that will come after them (yes, you included!): Just look! See! It is 100% possible to make the art you love and be financially rewarded, for not selling out, for biting the bullet and making whatever it is that you love to make and crave creating!


Again and again and again and again by heart.

Created: Feb 21, 2011


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