From dust we came, to dust we shall return (literally)

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In the beginning, as is usually said when things begin. There was the Omniscient he/she. And as all great artists do, the Omniscient he/she had a brain spark. And as all great artists don't, the Omniscient he/she had no idea how to concrete the brain spark.

The brain spark in question was this, to create something interesting from the lint in the front pocket of a dress shirt. The collecting of lint had been a personal hobby of the His/Hers since being just a small twinkle. Various kinds of lint were common around that celestial house; toenail lint, belly button lint, dust from under an unmoved door (which is in fact simply a powdery form of lint). But most special and diverse of all was pocket lint. Because who really knows what's in that.

The day the brain spark had occurred the Omniscient had been staring out of the window at amassed outer space, black and bleak, devoid of anything interesting. Bored, the He/She gathered together all of the front pocket lint and began to fashion different shapes of the lint. A triangle, but the lint just slid off the sides. A square, but the lint gathered in its totality on the flat top surface. A star, but there were already so many of those in outer space. Finally in a moment of frustration the He/She gathered all the lint into a ball shape. He/She examined this shape and found it to be surprisingly pleasing, the lint all combined, the particles holding each other together. The Omniscient he/she , now tired, set the ball onto the table and went to bed.

Awaking the next morning the Omniscient he/she found that the Cat/Dog had knocked down a shelf of diverse lint kinds which had fallen onto the ball. Furious at first but then taking a closer inspection, the Omniscient he /she found that the differing lint had evolved itself into minute, bodied beings and the ball had sprung forth all manner of necessities for the bodied beings. Flowering food sources, spaces of liquid, the lint ground yielded to the use of the bodied beings all kinds of wonders.

And so the bodied lint beings lived, on the lint globe, being watched over by the Omniscient he/she who was very proud of their work.

Created: Feb 21, 2011


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