Go Gently, Good Knight

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Go gently, good knight;

Drift off to sleep,

Don't worry my dear, your memory I'll keep,

A dark star to some, but a bright one to me.


Heed these word, I hope solice they'll bring.


Don't succomb to your nightmares

Or ponder your destination,

Don't forget your wishes

Or abandon your aspirations,

Don't regret your actions

and your actions don't regret,

For know deep down you only did your best.


You've slipped away

It was only time,

Everyone must, as written in world's sad rhyme.

I don't question this great clock

That ticks off the days,

I leave it at this: you were aboard another plane.

You wondered where you belonged

But it seems to me,

That maybe you'll find your answer

Beyond this sky and sea.


A dark star to some, a bright one to me,

You may have been chained

But now you are free.

Wipe the tear from your eye

As I do the same,

You have not quit

Much less lost this game.


Sleep my dear boy,

Over is your fight,

Become that bright star,

But brighter than bright.


Go gently

and good knight.




Rest in the greatest of peace, dear Heath. You were loved.






Created: Feb 21, 2011


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