Forth and back and forth

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Two paths before her

She couldn't decide

Which way was wrong

Which way was right


Another path crossed hers

Strangers passed along

She rejected their attention

Now she was left alone


Stuck with a decision

No one by her side

She pushed away her thoughts

And waited for someone right


She sat on the ground

Waited and waited

She started to cry

'til her longing faded


Her crying had stopped

But still no desicion

Another path crossed her

But to her no one listened


She decided to decide

Whether right or wrong

She demanded a desicion

Her life had to go on


She picked a path

Crossed someone else's way

He tagged along with her

But wasn't there to stay


She fell back into bad habits

Tears rolling down her face

Trying to fight back

Back into old days


It was too big of a struggle

Strength started to fade

She pushed herself into the future

Nothing less afraid


She kept running and fighting

Her sight had withdrawn

Her path had ended

Her path was gone

Created: Feb 20, 2011

Tags: longing, loss, alone, strength, path, life, desicion, love, fight, cry, right, sad, struggle, end, wrong, afraid

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