Banksy Collaboration - Dialogue Proposal

By sandy

Cameraman : Hey, I’m filming, don’t touch this flower !
Rat : Hey man, it’s mine!
Cameraman : What? It’s a flower, it grows up in a public garden, it’s not yours, don’t touch it please, I’m working…
Rat : No, I planted it for my girlfriend.
Cameraman : Your girlfriend! Ah Ah Ah, you make me laugh! Give it to me.
Rat : No, No, No! Nina,offered me 3D glasses and I told her I will offer her something beautiful too. I found a special seed and planted it. I watered it every day and now I will offer her! Give it to me, it’s mine!
Cameraman : Hey rat! Do you want to see with Nina the movie I’m making?
Rat : Oh Yes, yes, yes!
Cameraman : So, give me the flower...

The cameraman pulls the flower and the rat falls.

An idea but it certainly must be revised to be use as I'm not sure about words or conjugation, I'm sorry but I try ;)

Banksy Collaboration - Dialogue Proposal

Created: Jan 24, 2010


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