White Grass

By StephenGerard

Sometimes we struggle for a way to express our past relationships.  The chord sequence for this melody popped into my head so fast I had to record it acappella  just so I wouldn't lose the progression.  After listening to it I didn't want to record instruments on top because I couldn't envision it as anything but raw.  It reflected my feelings at the time.  Maybe someone else will be able to enhance what I couldn't.


In the morning before

he brings me white grass.

Plowing the earth

then he drifts past

onto the next

until it's the same as the last.

White grass.

Rooted snap, and still

I water the white grass.

Pesticides, hoping for rain

the sun is too white,

too revealing.

The pain is here,

I am kneeling in the white grass.

There are things hiding

in the white grass, coming up.

You don't know

how much I cry when

the morning's caught

and the clouds rush in.

You don't

know how much I need you

to ask how much I


White Grass

Created: Nov 26, 2017


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