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By gweninterrupted


by gwendolyn gillett

if everything is fine, why do i see red?
if it isn't my blood, whose is it then?
if it isn't your fault, it must be mine-
i guess i didn't end the war in time

do they understand what you put me through?
did you ever tell them things you would do?
no one ever opened our bedroom door
in time to see the one-on-one war

i don't want to be in this war anymore
i don't want my blood on your hands
you said i could leave over my dead body
but that doesn't interfere with my plans
emotionally dead- in the heart, in the head-
this stupid body's all you're going to get
try to make me stay but i'll leave anyway
'cause you are killing me
with all of these threats

i could hurt you
i could kill you
i could lock you in the closet
i could rape you
no one else is gonna take you
if you dare try to run
don't forget:
you'll never make it on your own
i know you hate to be alone


Created: Jan 24, 2010


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