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Bonsoir St. Germain

By Dominic_Gatsby

Bonsoir St. Germain

My current inspiration derives from your intellectuality

Hold onto these words as my actions breathe life into them

And create our reality

Find the belief in my eyes

That in our moment,

You're a treasure, not a tragedy

And despite the pace in our tension

You know, with me, you would never be a casualty

Collapse these wings around me

And detail your deepest fantasy

Your request is my mission

Make you lose your sanity

Embrace all your vanities

Until you speak solely in profanities

Realizing you won't ever have to question this decision

Personified by the way she exhales

In sync with my physical precision

Telling me how this movement was in her vision

Inexplicable but she believed in her deepest intuition

She was simply just waiting for the perfect conditions

Her words are deeply increasing the power in my intension

With your neighbors listening to the sounds of our collisions

I increase my focus until

They feel you lost your religion

Grasp the back of my mind

As the wall tickles your spine

Don't break visual contact

As I enter your divine

Trembling to the words I instruct

I'm committed in ways others were reluct

Ensuring that you never feel rushed

Approaching this as if it'll be the last time we'll touch

Requesting my desires

But not wanting the specifics

Discovering on her own

And deciphering my hieroglyphics

Decoding through my neck

Makes me more prolific

Riveting through my veins

And now control has shifted

As your shoulders start to shudder

And lips start to flutter

You're pulling back the covers

Elated and you stutter

As I take this a step further

And you let out another

Two years of my celibacy

Negated by your effect on me

Trembling to taste your ecstasy

Speaking bilingual effectively

Spelling her name carefully

While down the line to destiny

Circles when you lock your knees

Ex's when you start to plead

Moments when you forget to breathe

While motioning for you to come to me

Arching your back, simultaneously

Even more when you yell for me

Heart beating in brevity

While releasing the flavor of your sanctity

Without taking a moment to savor

Let's proceed into the next behavior

When you lock your arms diagonally

Across my back, passionately

The momentum in my hips

Drives me, immaculately

Hands on your head and you dip down

Presenting an alter to honor your crown

Arms and my shoulders move in rotation

Intensifies deeper within your sensation

We could continue but I do miss your eyes

I pull back your reigns and you say that you're mine

Hand over neck and my arms hold your thighs

Lifted back up, sternum to spine

Switching positions without touching ground

Carry you upward and slide right back down

Holding my face while receiving your kisses

Forgiving apologies, foolishly resisted

Mixing the ingredients

In your cinnamon confection

Changing depth and direction

In our melanin connection

Reading your expressions

Through the power of my detection

Raising your vocal inflections

Traps me in your perfection

Continuation to an additional plunge

Rolling my hips 'til I feel your lungs

Losing your eyes and biting your tongue

Your nails pierce my flesh when you become undone

Tearfully detailing

Not wanting want to finish

Physically conflicted

But you knew her strength was diminished

Holding me delicately

Increasing my motion effortlessly

Quivering, increasingly

Precipitating effectively

She pulls me in closer

Ear center of my core

Asking if she’s all I ever wished for

Yes, however, you're much more

We wish for what we can't have

What's known but on an unreachable path

With you, I've found a new wonder

An unmatchable standard, life altering number

Catching your breath

And asking where I want to be

"Naturally, with you"

Without uncertainty

Reminding you what inspires my vitality

Is your intellectuality

-Dominic Gatsby-

Because it’s never goodbye

Bonsoir St. Germain

Created: Nov 13, 2017

Tags: dominic, gatsby, poetry, poem, poet, virginia, d.c., maryland, spoken, word, bonsoir, germain

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