Ter-ri-ble Speech

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Ter-ri-ble Speech

by Maria Lalande

I shall never speak again. From now on I will talk with myself. I will be the czar of my thoughts. In my realm, I will be the Maria I, II (The Red), III (The Great) and IV (the Ter-ri-ble). I’ll be the ruler of my world. My thoughts will have thoughts about their own thoughts. And we will live in bliss in our grey bin.
I will clean this fake rain in my brain. No more fuss in my radio brain station. I will wash my sounds over and over again. The sounds will be clear again. Clear. My sounds. My sounds will shine through my blood and create new words. My own a b c. My own do re mi.
I don’t want to talk with you. Or you, or you! Who? Yes you! You talk that talk. Are you deaf? Listen first and then speak. Is it hard?
These are the rules to speak: first you will hear some sounds and you will try to get the idea. Then you will breathe in. You will think of what to say. You will breathe out and talk. You will be nice and kind. I don’t need to hear words that blaze from you. Please don’t belch your sounds into my ears. Your words are not bland. You will not take a free ride in my cab of sounds.
I’ll give you one more bid. One more. Do you want to try? I’ll listen to what you have to say but I am not sure that I will speak back.

Created: Jan 24, 2010


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