SpectacularJoe, The Magician's Tale

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There is a powerful story,
that of Spectacular Joe,
a tale of not only glory,
but of love, magick, and woe.

Not too far from where your feet rest,
lies the land of Cote de Parcoeur
full of wondrous beauty at its best,
now deprived of such grandeur.
The Cote was home to Spectacular Joe
and his magical, mystical ways,
but fear was its residents constant foe
and crippled them for days.

A cloud of stagnant grey
covered the residents minds
disposing of any creative way,
and left only sadness to find.
It covered their hearts, hurt and tired
in spindly fingers, long and black
and left them feeling uninspired
with no hope of going back.
But in place of the magician’s heart,
Spectacular Joe soon saw,
was a splendid work of unfinished art
that left him quite in awe.

A circle beat proudly in his chest
bright and red and round
but left him feeling strong unrest --
he needed his love to resound.

He spread the news about the coast
of his newly realized spark
and banished all the ghoulish ghosts,
with only one remark:

“Stand up!” he yelled across the land,
“Stand up, and hit record,
this red REC button will become our brand
and be our greatest reward!
Join me, please, and never be afraid;
don’t waste away like this,
this is why we were made.
Come up, come up from the abyss.
Come up, stand up, and shine with me
I see your colors shining through,
come up, stand up, and shine with me
I’d love to work with you.”

Spectacular Joe inspired
more people than he could know
and when he feels weak and tired
they are there to keep his light aglow.
The magician taught them to hit record,
a power no one knew to exist
and together, by heart, they explored
the extraordinary creativity of which they consist.




I've had this folktale kind of idea in my head for awhile, but didn't know what to do with it until this afternoon.

Happy Birthday, Joe. Thank you sososo much for everything you've given us. I hope you know how much it really means.


Created: Feb 18, 2011


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