With happy tears.

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I was just sitting here, in my dark room listening to Words we're Wailing and became completely overwhelmed to tears. My room filled with such a light and warmth it took my by surprise. The life in the words of this beautiful sing, only become sweeter with the gorgeous voices adding to it. This thing here, this place we come to create has become sooo sooo much more than that to me at least. hitRECord is in my everyday thought, as are all of you that belong to this. If I can even try to say what I mean and here goes, I thank each and everyone of you for filling this world with beating heart,  spirited soul, brightest of light, strongest of hope, and hardest of work! I may have not met many of you person to person, but I can swear to you that you have changed my life in such a way I feel hitRECord was an absolute heaven sent blessing. With every passing moment we all cREate more beautiful pieces of a fantastic puzzle I'm honored to be a part of:) With happy tears I write this, with Words I'm Wailing. Long Live hitRECord.

Created: Feb 17, 2011


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