Love Lost

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How could I have not seen what was right in front of me? 
I never felt that I was good enough, 
How could I have been so young and naïve. 

The fear of letting you so close to me
Has drove me to feel so empty.

I thought I was doing the right thing, when I told you I was completely wrong for you
But in reality I was doing the wrong thing when I was completely right for you.  

I’ve finally realized you are all I need
You were the best thing for me
I‘m aching all over, come on and cure me

But now there’s some one else
I’m too late,
 Go on and Bury me on the shelf

I locked my feelings away down deep
But someone found the key
And now those feelings are in the heat

Because they’re rising back up,
I need you to give me another chance
I keep crying off my make up
 Why can’t you just ask me to dance?

Hold me in your arms one more time
And may that one time make you come to find
That we can try again, and the bells begin to chime

Please realize that we were meant to be,
Please someday comeback to me

Created: Feb 17, 2011


khog10 Document Media