The Big Draw

By scarde

Hi everybody!!! My name is Seb! I'm really new to the whole concept of HitRecord but I absolutley love it so i really wanted to make a contribution. I love all aspects of creative media from art and photography to animation and editing!!! It would be great to get to collaborate with all you guys so I was hoping (and dont know if this has already been done so point me in the right direction if it has!) if we could all create a massive piece of art work together over the period of about a month!! so each month a title is suggested and then we could get a piece that just built up of everyones different viewpoint of the title. This could all get submitted into an art gallery so over a few months we can begin to create a whole gallery that has serious money making potential!!! and instead of splitting it! the earnings could go toward pushing the advertising of the hitrecord site to build a bigger and better community. I dont know its just an idea and it would be great to hear peoples thoughts and ideas on how we can do this!!!



The Big Draw

Created: Jan 24, 2010


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