Step Back

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Imagine a maddening, almost sickening passion that strikes you so absolutely it renders you paralyzed... and because of your whole being and soul, you shoot forward. A thought makes its way to the forefront of your mind. Can you relate? You've pushed your energies to surpass something, what is it? Have you had a donning horror that there's something just not on point? Something that's slightly off angle? You've made yourself quite acquainted with this discomfort, so completely, it became an old friend. Many people can be seen inseparable and consistently accompanied by it as a shield and barrier. Only in a solitary, rare moment---later perceived as dark, are you left to face it peering out at you, politely curious to your state. You curse it, you curse it for all that you're not. Because you know it. You know. You just never shot forward.

Created: Feb 16, 2011


DestinyMarie18 Document Media