In the Beginning

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In the beginning, there was nothing. How long it was like this, no one knows. None may ever know. Suffice to say it was dark for an extended period of time in which nothing of note took place, or was even thought of, for there was no one to think for one.

Eventually, the Creator decided it was time to get to work. On the first day, there was light. "No sense doing this all in the dark." he mused silently as he opened his eyes for the first time. A lazy work ethic goes back a long ways, and after turning the lights on he decided to close his newly formed eyes and take a nap.

As they often do, a mid-afternoon nap turned into a night. Bright and early the next morning He arose to a bright nothing. Spinning errant through the void, he laid out his second decree. "I shall have feet!" And so too did the ground form below to provide a place to stand. Now that all the spinning was done, It was time to get down to business. Well, maybe after a nice long walk.

The problem with walking on the ground is that your feet get dirty. On the third day, rather than invent the first pair of sandals, He instead gathered all the water that had until recently been strewn about the place and concentrated it into a single grand pool. Dipping His feet in and kicking furiously about, they were cleansed of the remnants of the previous day's work. "No sense sitting in the dirt." And therefore sprang the grass, soft and tender. Another nap was in order as tHe sank down into the thistle. His eyes were tired from all the light, his feet calloused from all the Earth. "I'll just take a minute..."

As those cloudy eyes opened, they were yet again accosted by the Light. Holding a hand up to brow was of no use, as the light came from everywhere. "I must do something about this." He said, and as he closed his eyes, so too did the light go out. Opening them again, he removed them from his head. The first glowed brightly golden and burned his fingers as he tossed it into the space above the Earth. "You I will call Solas, for that will please me." The other slipped through his fingers and landed in the dirt, concealing it's heat and shine. Rather than dust it off, He picked it up and set it aspin next to it's brother. "You will be called Lumos, and you will not bear the conceit of your brother. Through you I will keep watch over this place, for I do not intend to stay." And with that, he turned to wash himself before His passing across the great ocean of sky.

From the great glowing globe came a torrent of light that washed over everything. It bathed all that was in it’s glow, leaving naught a trace concealed. The younger of the two, if only by a chronon or two, (you see, things happened very quickly back then. It was unknown just how much time lay ahead so everyone found himself in quite a hurry though he had no reason to be) wanted to be known of his own glow. But the dust around him changed it, allowing him only to glow in the absence of her brother. Thus was shadow for the first time born, and the Umbra she cast would stretch ever outward.

By this time, the fourth day had come to an end. Until this point, there wasn't a way to tell when a day ended and another began. However, Lumos and Solas discussed this at great length as they passed each other in the sky. Solas decided that he would be in charge of deciding when a new day was begun, for he was the elder of the two. Lumos had more to say on the matter, but her brother had already moved to another part of the sky and she held her tongue.

As He departed, the detritus that remained in the sea began to wonder how it had come to be so. It desired to once again return to the land it had been a part of, so it grew fins and gills and shells and claws and tentacles and all sorts of tools for moving about the waters. At this point there was only a single large ocean and it took a very very long time to reach the shore in any direction. Clam decided that this was enough, and she sat on the bottom with her mouth closed. Finally this creature called Fish would make it to the edge of the world. He and his mates came upon the shore and decided that they had spent all this time learning to live in the sea, why would they forsake their home? A lone member of their motley crew was brave enough to clamber out of the drink and relax on the long grasses of Earth.

As Solas rode across the sky and proclaimed the dawning of the sixth day, Cat was laying on his back rubbing against a particularly rough piece of tree-foot. He found himself wondering why there were no other things on the Land that wanted to move? "These tall things, they don't seem to very much like me" he thought, gazing longingly at their boughs swaying in the tall winds. Overhead swung Pelican, en route to the ocean, eager to dive into the blue waters and once again reunite with his fishy brethren. Cat snarled as another came through the brush, one not naked as he or Pelican or Sicamore, but covered in Lion and Oak and Bull. This creature was not part of the plan. He was the Creator, but he did not create. He was the Maker but he was wont to destroy. Cat hid under a bush, his ears pressed against his head. "Today is a dark day" he thought, even as light poured down on the World.

Not long thereafter, a quake shook the whole place, and Man was not seen again for many days. Cat and Pelican never saw each other again. The waters rose to meet him flying over the land, and he began to swim. Eventually, when he could hold his breath no longer, Pelican tried to emerge. There was no sky. He tried to dig into the earth, but there was no bottom to the sea. Distraught, without breath, and without hope, Pelican closed his eyes. This was the scariest moment of his life, and probably the last. To get over it, he would imagine a better place. All he saw was blackness. "If I'm going to imagine a better place, I might as well have some light" he mused.

And there was light.

Created: Feb 16, 2011


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