we think we know

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we keep feeling like we know what we’re
 gonna do tomorrow and,
we can’t help but plan things
we think that we can see how
things are gonna be tomorrow
but we can’t see past the plain things..and
it’s not a journey..
more like a jungle,
of shared ideas and dreams.
forgoten soliders and their sad wifes at home
can’t even compare with
the loss we see

and we’re so done and over
with lookin over our shoulders
that we can’t see in front of our own faces
time comes again, like you and your long last friend
and still we’re checking out new places

can’t stay still long enough to see it through
so now you’re playing games
with you precious soul
i cannot help you
if you want to fight me
then fine, fine i’ll go

Created: Feb 15, 2011


laney-love Document Media