Cecilia's Headphones: Part I

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Hi! So I've had this idea of this short story/poem about a girl named Cecilia who enjoys music to the point of never taking her headphones off. Uhm, lol, this is what I came up with. It's meant to be playful and cute ;)


Cecilia, Cecilia, you'd have to call her name twice

Only to simply catch her big brown eyes.

With hair that flowed down to her knees

And bangs that screamed "Bang me please!"

Although she's one you'd love to charm

It seems as though something has already won her heart.

With her head hung low but not a frown in site

Cecilia wore her headphones nice and tight.

24/7, Day and Night

Cecilia wore those headphones ALL THE TIME!

You'd think she did it to hide away

But truth is she was as happy as can be.

La-la-la, and all the woos

The music is what stole her soul.

She wouldn't mind giving you the time of day

But her music; it constantly played.

And as long as the music played on and on

Cecilia would keep listening from dusk til' dawn.


*Like I said, I want it to be a story so it's not done. I'm just blanking right now because it's 4am and I'm still awake. Haha bye//

Created: Feb 15, 2011


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