The Beast

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The beast was coming.

The rain was coming down in sheets.

Thunder clapped and lightning flashed, consequently causing drivers to behave like it was their first time on the road.

Speeding or crawling down the interstate, both dangerous choices considering the weather, I was anxious to find my exit ramp.

Turning left on my green arrow about a block from my office,

I swiveled my head to the right

in time

to see a hulking, silver SUV barreling towards the intersection and

I knew I wouldn’t make it.

I tried to judge the distance and sped up to avoid contact but

I was too late.

The front end of the beast mangled the passenger side of my car as I was


out of the turn lane into the middle of the street.

The jeep tottered dangerously on the driver’s side wheels and fell with a thundering


threatening to shatter the passenger side windows.

Created: Feb 15, 2011

Tags: clip, short story

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