Invented Ocean

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(not sure where this would fit in, but I wanted to throw it out there... the notes at the end explain a bit more)

They embraced, Their tears flowing

above them the Light They created


As Their tears rolls down their bodies

and mingled together

it was so much the ground could not absorb it all


A puddle began to lap at Their toes,

at first They did not notice,

Their minds occupied by the sorrow

However, the puddle grew and grew

until the water engulfed Them to Their chests

and spread across the plains and mountains

They clung to each other, afraid of what would happen


And Their tears continued


The lakes rose and expanded creating rushing rivers

like veins spread across the earth

tumbling over cliffs

then coming to a still rest in a valley

or falling into a wide ocean

spreading around the whole earth They had made

now covered in waters

covered in Their tears


They feared They had destroyed the earth with Their sorrow


but a miraculous thing began to happen


the Light that shone above them

sent its heat to the earth

and as it did some of the tears began to rise

so small, they couldn't even be seen


but the tears gathered huddled together

clinging to each other

(because now the tears were also afraid,

they had been comfortable floating together

in the vast waters encircling the earth

and now what was happening)


As the tears gathered together, the People observed

the lakes and rivers and oceans drying up

and puffy clouds forming in the sky above

they were afraid at what they had done

as the clouds grew larger, they also grew darker

some even covering the Light

oh what had They done?

Why had They been so sorrowful?


Suddenly the clouds burst

and the tears began to fall back to earth

the rivers and lakes and oceans rose again

but not like before


there was still much land on the earth

there was still many places for the People to explore

and live

and create

and dance


and the Light returned


and so it continued


Their tears giving life to all

allowing flowers to grow

and the rivers to flow

and the antelopes to run

and the butterflies to flutter

and the seahorses to dance


Their tears born from sadness

cleansing and enveloping the Earth

still to this day

life and joy born from sorrow

beauty coming through a storm

never ending



I've been thinking of a way to contribute to this collab and metaphorest's intro/outro-narration gave me an idea. I wanted to incorporate water somehow because the role of water in creation myths is fascinating to me... when I saw metaphorest's line "their invented ocean" it got me thinking how this ocean was invented.

Of course, fee free to REmix this text in any way you'd like (I think it could definitely use an editing eye). Anyone want to give this a go with narration, just to see how it sounds?

Created: Feb 15, 2011


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