The Bird and the Boardwalk.

By TylerTheVideoGuy

This is one of my favorite photos for 2 reasons:

1. This was taken in Venice Beach. Anyone who has ever been to the boardwalk in Venice Beach knows exactly how busy it. It's a people-watcher's dream. The fact that I was able to take a photo with almost no human presence is a damn miracle.

2. I wasn't really shooting this day. I was filming a show, and just happened to have my camera strapped on me because I know that Venice is a great place for candid photography. I noticed there wasn't anyone around as we were walking back to the car, and saw this bird standing on the boardwalk. It just just struck me, that's all I can say. The shadows, the lighting, the moment. Perfect.

It reminds me of the little things that we tend not to notice as we are going about our day. I think that in this experience that we all are having with each other, we all feel like the bird sometimes.

The Bird and the Boardwalk.

Created: Jan 24, 2010


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