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An idea for a short story I've been tossing around for a while. Thought I'd put out the beginning piece and see what all you hitRECorders have to add!


Everything he said was a lie. Well, almost. Everything he said did, in fact,  possess a small grain of truth, the way one might find a small grain of sand leftover from a trip to the beach three summers ago on a seldom worn winter sweater that has been shoved in the back of your closet behind a rather fetching hatbox. It is there, but you have to brave the mothballs and hideous orange toe-socks that obscure it. 


He had discovered at a relatively young age that people would rather hear a lie than the truth. People, open and oblivious in their naivety despite whatever cynicism they may claim to have, would rather accept a nicely packaged, well painted, fresh from the factory lie than be forced to deal with the consequences that drag themselves along with reality. In some cases, as he had observed at age 4 when a simple ‘must have been the dog’ whisked him from under the finger of suspicion for a cookie heist (although his hands were still sticky with crumbs and the dog could barely be persuaded to move from his spot in the sun in order to avoid being hit by the patio door), people will even accept a well-worn lie, bent in the corners and slightly chipped, if it means quickly closing a subject and moving on. 


People are ready to believe in the ridiculous, the extreme, the extraordinary for it offers them an escape from their extraordinarily mundane existence. They want the outrageous and the fantastic and he delivers. He only aims to please. 

Created: Feb 14, 2011


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