The Mentally Ill

By infiniteimpulse

The mentally ill are living in a society in which the rules are defined by people with no idea what it is like to have a mental illness, or in most cases what a mental illness actually is. That is why “consumers” (as we have been branded by the system) are allowed to be marginalized, and stigma continues to proliferate.

African Americans were finally given their human rights by emancipation, but did not receive civil rights until fighting for them much later. How often do you hear mental illness specifically mentioned as not only a human rights issue, but a civil rights issue? Probably never, and when it is mentioned as a human rights issue it is usually by a bureaucrat, whether it be from a non-profit or for profit institution. Because, when the mentally ill try to use their voice it is twisted by local and mass media in a sensational way that allows cowards on TV shows and in newspaper articles to label all of those suffering with a mental illness as crazy. In this politically correct world they use the term psychotic, without knowing what it means, but crazy is what they want the viewer or reader to infer. Never do they mention the numerous studies which conclude that the mentally ill are no more prone to acts of violence than the average person, and that substance abuse among those diagnosed with mental illness or not has far stronger links to violent behavior.

I think one of the reasons we have been labeled as “consumers”, and treated this way is because our mainstream society, which seems based largely around orgiastic consumerism thinks us incapable of producing the very things that they feel compelled to consume. I believe that we have more important things to worry about as a community than becoming another cog in the machine, or circuit on the board as the case may be in this post industrial world.

The repression will stop, and stigma will no longer be tolerated. As we inevitably become a part of society we will expand the mental landscape and teach people things about the mind that they never imagined possible, as opposed to being shut away or assimilated into the existing apparatus. There will be change and liberation.

The Mentally Ill

Created: Jan 24, 2010


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