Violentine's Day

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(The Acro-Name for Valentine)   : )


Violence is such a crazy thing. Here's the lessons to finding a love. You can simply


Ask the other person out; however if they've had a bad day they might be violent,


Letting out all of their troubles on to you. But love is worth getting beat up over. I


Even think some get beat up on purpose just to feel something; because taking a


Nice beating can also be the cupid game. Sometimes using violence can get you a


Tender hearted person you've been looking for. Go to the stranger you love and 


Instantly slap them in the face, tell them you were sent by Cupid, and you wish to


Never part their prescence. If they fall madly in love with you from this gesture, I


Excitedly applaude your happi-bliss. If they pull a gun out on you, we never spoke



(Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!!)


Created: Feb 13, 2011


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