Adrienne, a Gloam

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I really love this shadow beings collab, so I hope this story doesn't mess it up...

Adrienne, a younger shadow, slumped against the door to her huge family’s small house, built haphazardly and squashed in among the gloams’ gigantic community. All the houses seemed to run and collide crazily, barely there walls seeming to bend with the slightest breeze. She could see the longrays’ community way up there, more solid structures with elegant swoops and beautiful architecture and tall, bare double doors.
Her head slowly fell back to her own darker, even more shadowy community. She blinked.

She only saw the other world when it was dark. She saw a thing called murder sometimes, when she was there. She saw streetlights sometimes, and once there were two pale people things (or so her shami told her they were) kissing under one. That had been her favorite thing she had ever seen.

The gloams always saw more crimes and dark happenings than the other shadow beings, simply because they were the wanderers of deeper and darker shadows than the other beings ever saw.

The other shadows didn’t always understand this, they’d never seen the night like the gloams have, they didn’t have the pressing tiredness of the tragedy that the gloams knew.

But this Adumbration was different. A noonday slowly appeared in front of Adrienne, and she straightened slightly, surprised.

Its squat body was closer to the ground than hers, and it had wide inquisitive eyes. Adrienne stood and the smaller noonday waved its short arm to her.

It murmured in the luminous language, “Hello, I am Orazio, are you a gloam?”

She whispered back, “Yes, I am Adrienne. Why are you here?”

“Because I wanted to know what it was like all the way down here.” Orazio shrugged.

She felt a small thing that the people things called a smile float around her eyes, and she saw it in his wide ones.

Adrienne looked around the near-empty alley where she lived. “Curiosity will make the longrays notice you. No one talks to the gloams, why are you talking to me?”

“The other noondays and midlights talk about dull things sometimes, I am bored easily. What’s it like at...” Orazio paused. “What’s it like at night?” He stopped murmuring again, waiting impatiently for an answer.

His eyes were even huger in his little body, and she liked it.

“I think it’s darker than your middleday is, you have the Sun. I think it’s something called light? I wish I could see lightness.” Then she felt embarrassed. “What is it like in the sun?”

“Oh, it is wonderful. Everything is colored and bright, and there are people things everywhere who talk in their languages and laugh. They have many things they call animals, have you seen some? Most of them are awake in the noonday time, they are strange things.”

“I have seen some animals, yes, some ones that floated through the air with things my shami called wings.” She gently waved her arm that was usually next to her side to show him what she meant.

Orazio let out a quiet, bubbly, murmuring laugh that startled her, laughter was very rarely heard in the gloam community.

“I like the animals with wings, the people things like them too.”

Adrienne was happy about seeing the noonday Orazio. He was louder and he laughed and he sees the sun.

“I have to go back to the other noondays, I will try to see you again later.” He stopped murmuring for a moment. “Maybe you can tell me about the night-times, and I can tell you about the middleday? The longrays might not notice, I am small.” He laughed again and it bubbled and murmured around again.

“Okay,” the gloam whispered. And Orazio disappeared from the spot he had been.



-Just a by the way: adumbration is the ‘day cycle’ of sorts in the shadow world (it’s a synonym for shadow), shami means mom, the luminous language is the common language for all shadow beings (but I think the different types have variations, and they murmur it, but most gloams whisper because they’re shy and very quiet and darker)... I just took some liberties with the creation of this world, they don’t have to be what everyone uses, I was just coming up with random ideas :)

Created: Feb 13, 2011


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