Sweet Somethings for LizSmalls: Dreamer (Sonnet)

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Liz! Happy Valentine's Day! ♥ ♥ ♥ Yes, you got me as your Valentine. I hope you like the sonnet I wrote for you (with a little assistance from the awesome remilyp)! There is another part of your gift that will be winging its way through the universe to you very, very soon...

I hope you have an awesome Monday and get a tonne of cards (I know you will!). One day I will get to visit you *crosses fingers* ♥ *sends 100,000 hearts your way*

Dark-haired, wide-eyed, her thoughts fly towards the stars,
Blissful laughing we hear her brightened tone
As she sidesteps through life, though battle-scarred
Her smile pervades, claiming the world its own

Inspired by what could be but never was
She dreams, imagines, and will make her mark
Upon the world, a footprint in the sand,
A word on page, a handprint on the heart.

She will not wait for rescue because she
Creates her own from all she owns on earth.
Throughout her life, independence is key,
A star shining through rust to prove its worth.

She watches stories unfold, words in hand
And in return they watch her embers land.

Created: Feb 12, 2011

Tags: valentine's day

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