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The color RED is such an interesting thing. I mean, just look at how many countrys' flags have it. And when you add RED to a painting, it pops no matter what surrounds it. RED cars always look flashier and more badass. Hell, check out the button at the top of this page... RED. And Devo's hats? And, I just watched Nowhere Boy, and guess what the symbol was for temptation and sex and rock and roll? RED. Lipstick, also representative of sex and lust is also RED. REDheaded people are always known to be REDheaded, right? Valentine's Day whole color is RED. Exit signs and neon signs are usually RED. The Scarlet (RED) Letter. Stop signs are RED. Prostitutes are typically known for wearing RED or RED nail polish. Digital clocks have RED numbers, which makes it easier to wake up. The Beatle's company Apple (though the symbol is green, really) still makes you think of RED. Stop buttons are RED. Uhm... ketchup?


Someone told me a while ago that the color RED actually increases heart rate.


RED is blood, and sex, and anger, and love, and embarrassment, and hate, and strength, and power, and fire, and war, and death, and very emotional things... 

Created: Feb 12, 2011


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