Secret Valentine for Lindzey42

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How can I complain?

When your radiant smile can heat my trembling soul,

When your capricious glances sting my very existence,

giving color and sound to a mystique harmonious melody

a zephyr lulling my soul's infinity, caressing a burning fire of desire

like molten diamonds in the midst of the dark blindness

How can i breath ?

when i float like a thin white cloud, a smitten turtledove,

and downpour frail white lilly petals, bloom with rose and saffrons on a sapphire lake

kiss my blushing crescent moon, cradle the abyss of my reveries divine

Tell me how you do it...

stealing silent sleeps and little stars of heaven, intoxicating silver plate dreams

like a roaring thunder descending twilight on my unconsecrated soul

a soaring flight of a coquetting comet flash lighting sparks of life

a gallant conquerer of my desert mirage, my jodus heart

My darling cool and sweet, how do you do it?

azuring my heaven's sky with adorned stars of love's delight

like an atom in the universe whose spirit defies its mortal bars

fluttering the chords of my compassionate delerium

 soothing the boundless quiet of my unrelentless heart

Created: Feb 12, 2011


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