Creation Musings

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[Forgive me for being a little (very) poncey and waffling a bit (a lot)]

We are recycled space dust
All of us subplots
And grand narratives all at once
Interlocking stories
In an infinite play
Too epic to perceive

Beginnings, middles, ends
Repeat themselves
The dawn, the day, the night
The birth, the life, the death

Infinite episodes
back to back forever

An unbroken chain
A lossless conversion

In every age
The same arc

Despite our arrogance
And ignorance
Our instincts whisper
The unending dance

The relay race with no finish line
Passing batons to new runners
With no new inscribed wisdoms
Only hope for humility
In the face of the unknowable

But words are worthless
Perception is pointless
Nothing is certain

I think
Therefore I think I am

Another link in the chain
Another simultaneous subplot
Another player in the play of patterns

A portion of matter
That matters
Just the same as any other

Created: Feb 10, 2011


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