Secret Valentine for Melonberri

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Once there was a girl named Tierra, and her drawings were so beautiful that they inspired the world.  Artists who didn't know they were artists saw her work and it made them want to create something so much that it was like a need.  They never had this need before, only an empty hollow in their chest, but once they became aware of what it was, they knew they had to CREATE to keep it filled up.  And sometimes they were miserable because they couldn't create!  Or what they did create didn't convey what was in their mind.  But they were still happy, even with holes in their chests, because a world had been opened to them.  And Tierra smiled to see that art was contagious (!) and hers had started a fire in someone else, who would start a fire in another, until EVERYTHING was on fire ALL THE TIME and it burned the most beautiful colors and never stopped at all.

Created: Feb 10, 2011


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