we be (creation of us)

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nothing here
nothing but you and I, he and me, I and she
and we are only
how are we only?
how are we?
we are because I am
we are because you are
why are we?
we are because we can
we are because we must
what must we?
we must
must what?
must be
we must be
we must be
be what?
be we
we are only
nothing here but us
we are lonely
what more can there be?
I want more
I want more
we want more
what more?
where is more?
where can more be?
there is no more
we can make more
we should make more
come with me
come with I
open your heart
close your eyes
I have no heart
I have no eyes
let me be your eyes
let me be your heart
and let us make more
we make life
what is life?
we are life
not in darkness
what is darkness?
we are darkness
no life yet
we make light
light is bright
close your eyes
open your heart

we make life




stream of consciousness creation myth. (call and answer)



Created: Feb 10, 2011


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