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If we were to take this idea and turn it into a narrative, I haz a couple of ideaz dat may work :D

1. Have two people (the creators) that live in a void. They want to create another world, but, never having seen anything else, they create wildly magical stories that border on sheer emotion.

The Creators then live in this world. It's a web of characters and stories and plot lines that run together. To them, this world is reality.

2. The characters inside this new world are the civilians of the world. They see things in emotion, thought, creativity, color, character, adventure, etc etc

3. The story is based inside this world and weaves it's way back through itself. It circles around a certain character (who may have a love interest) who starts to look at the world as something else. He/she lines up the stories in a new kind of way. The Main Character makes the world sorta linear and through that, it leads back to creation.

For example... At the start, we can see a character that is very old. One of the first stories ever. And when you talk to this character, he leads you down one path etc etc. But, one part of the world can be filled with big, dark, scary stories. That's where the character must go through and have an adventure if he is to find out where/how everything was created.

The dark scary stories, when lined up, represent turmoil going on in the 'creators' lives outside the story world. The emotions that the MC must travel through are direct results of what the Creators were going through.

4. The creators, because they live in the world, are seldom seen. They are maybe even separated. Either way, it's like a ghost sighting. Everyone knows something is different about them when they meet one of them. But, it is so rare, people don't even think about 'creation' in terms of 'where did we come from'.

Maybe one of these chance encounters can be what spawns the MC's idea to find out how the world was created.

Anyway, that's it. I think it has the potential to incorporate live action video and tons of beautiful animated stuff pretty dang seamlessly. As well as go through every emotion possible to tell an epic journey.

Created: Feb 10, 2011


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