more of the same but different

By ten low

I tried to put a picture behind this (but I couldn't figure it out, shh). I'm a little behind technolically...Anyway, I'll stop with the I Ams already, just want to stay on board while I work on other beefier, crunchier...shtuff. It's taking me AWHILE to figure out how to navigate around the site. Frustrating. So much to spew, so little know how.

I am metal to a magnet

I am cherry blossoms tickled by sun drops

I am shoes tap-dancing through rain puddles

I am wind-whipped spit looking for a landing strip

I am a javelin thrower of pine trees

I am a dusty diary

I am a grass stain on your favorite trousers

I am soup that needs cooling

I am the waters ripple after it swallows stones

I am what I eat

I am mangoes and toast

I am an echo in the hollow

more of the same but different

Created: Jan 24, 2010


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