Heart Monsters

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I was inspired by Attilee's Shadow Beings characterizations.

I don't have a story planned out, just some general group of characters.

I hope my limited knowledge of the circulatory system, and the heart doesn't end up confusing everyone since I think there might be mistakes.

There are different types of monsters that lurk inside your heart. 

First, there is the Lovely Heart Monsters, and they reside inside of your Left Atrium.

These are the monsters that drives your passions, desire, ambitions, lust, love and most importantly when you feel that tingling inside of your gut when you're with someone you love.

There is a direct connection with the Stomach Monsters that lurk in your gastrointestinal tract, so when your Lovely Heart Monsters are excited, it elicits a reaction with the Stomach Monsters. It has a lot to do with neurochemicals and hormones and is quite confusing. Love always is.

There aren't too many of the Lovely Heart Monsters, since when they find that special other Lovely Heart Monster, they pair up for life and move away to reside in other parts of the Body.

Second, are the Angry Heart Monsters, and these reside in your Left Ventricle.

They chose this spot to stay since this is where blood always passes by, before entering the body, through the Aorta, which explains why people are so quick to show anger, rage, frustration, and especially jealousy.

The Angry Heart Monsters' are the enemies of the Brain Monsters.  When the Angry Heart Monsters get riled up, they end up sending an electric charge to the Brain Monsters, which end up paralyzing and shocking the Brain Monsters, thus rendering temporarily incapable of doing anything. The Angry Heart Monsters find this act very amusing, and self-gratifying. Thus, sometimes making people do stupid and crazy things out of anger and jealousy.

Third, are the Happy Heart Monsters and they reside in your Right Ventricle.

These are the monsters that change your perspective of the world. They are happy, giddy, love to laugh and play jokes especially on Angry Heart Monsters. The Angry Heart Monsters hate the Happy Heart Monsters, which explains why they are separated by a wall.

The Happy Heart Monsters feed some of their happiness to the rest of the body. Making the other Monsters feel happy too. These Monsters are best friends with the Brain Monsters. When the Happy Heart Monsters are happy, then they in return make the Brain Monsters happy.  The two groups love to party it up, and then gossip about the Angry Heart Monsters.

Finally, there are the Gloomy Heart Monsters, and they reside in your Right Atrium.

These monsters make you sad. They drive your grief, your tears, your sorrow, your confusion, and they feed on heart break.They do not like to party, and prefer their own quiet solitude.

The Gloomy Heart Monsters are best friends with the Tear Monsters. When the Tear Monsters notice the Gloomy Heart Monsters not feeling happy, they try to cheer them up by jumping out of the Tear Duct Express, since sometimes, just sometimes, it will work to cheer up the Gloomy Heart Monsters.

The Happy Heart Monsters pity the Gloomy Heart Monsters, they wonder why their neighbors are always so sad and boring, and they always pop over to invite the Gloomy Heart Monsters over to their parties. Sometimes, they'll end up join the party, and if all goes well, they end up staying over at the Right Ventricle forever.

Created: Feb 10, 2011

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