Not sure why "that" made me think of "this"

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For some reason, the way you described that feeling spurned me to think back on a verse i wrote when I had pipe dreams of being an emcee. In retrospect, this verse is in no way directly related to "Gracelessness", however, it is sort of related to my own follies and fuck-ups, and how I viewed them at the time, in my 20s and full of "I know way less than I think I do" attitude. seeing as something sparked when I read your thoughts on my Raven thing, I decided I like your opinion, and wanted your opinion on this. . . .

They say you lose the ones you love
They you lose twice, if you hold a grudge, but
People like me, we don't hold a grudge
Bend or budge, especially if the foe is blood, cuz
For my blood, I'd walk a million miles in mud
Temperature 105, humidity high
Covered in sweat and blood, and I'm ready to cry
I don't feel too B.I.G. but I'm ready to die
Now, everyone is looking, the pressure's cooking
I'm like a deer in headlights. Running red lights
Trying to fight what this feeling feels like
I keep turning left until everything feels right, and
It's kind of like I'm just chasing my tail
Chasing this mail, waiting to fail
Kind of ironic how I succeed at that
Fairly bionic the way I read these raps
Really moronic the way most people judge me
It's funny I how I treat the very few that love me
Compared to the way I treat the ones that hate me
I'm sorry, but jealous motherfuckers just motivate me
These same jealous souls try to regulate me
That's why I wig out when I hear Warren G. lately
The same way I often let my addictions fellate me
I can't sleep, in fear that my nightmares will rape me
Somebody wake me. . . . . .

Created: Feb 09, 2011


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